Higher Education Dissertation Topics: 10 Strong Ideas

When you are in college, you need to be ready to overcome your limits. Everything that you learned in high school needs to be put to use and much more. You are required to memorize pages of information every single day, and create your dissertation to prove that you truly understand what you read. Even choosing a topic can give you a headache. You need something simple for you but complicated for your colleagues, something that is interesting but easy to explore. Take a look at these ideas:

  1. Transgender children. There are kids who identify themselves with the opposite sex since they are only a few years old. Some parents encourage them and allow them to dress however they want, while others force them to follow the rules of the society.
  2. Pharmaceutical companies make us sick? If you work on this topic, make sure that you don’t introduce any conspiracy theory in your composition. You should present clear evidence and arguments to support your statements.
  3. Is democracy the solution? Many people died for democracy, but their sacrifice was in vain. So many countries nowadays have economic problems and the government doesn’t solve them.
  4. The most important revolutions of all times. There are moments in history that changed the entire world, and we can see the effect nowadays. Discuss about these moments and how the world would be if they wouldn’t take place.
  5. Eating meat is animal cruelty? Our diet was always controversial; while some people think that we should be vegetarians, others eat meat for every meal. Present scientific evidence to support your opinion.
  6. Corruption and nepotism. This is present in any country, even if we like it or not. From insignificant cases to the ones that affect the entire population, it is all about the money. How can we stop this?
  7. Children to eat fast-food; who should we blame? Fast-food can be as dangerous as drugs if we discuss about the amount of diseases that it can cause. In this case, parents should allow their child to eat this kind of food?
  8. Are drugs really bad? Nowadays, there are many studies that show the beneficial effects of drugs even if many people deny this. Present some evidence.
  9. Racism in the modern society. Even if discrimination is against the law, it still happens everywhere around the world. What is the punishment for this in your country?
  10. Mothers breastfeeding in public. Should this be considered nudity, or something normal and acceptable?