Where To Look For A Good Dissertation Executive Summary Template

Your dissertation will involve writing an executive summary. The executive summary is a summary of the actual document, which is usually quite lengthy. The goal is to analyze and summarize the paper’s content, giving the reader of strong overview of what your thesis paper is about. It should communicate your thesis clearly, as well as delineating any sections or divisions that are present within the document. It usually runs only a page or two in length, but is structured and written as if it could be a stand-alone document.

A well-written, well-structured summary is like a more structured form of an abstract. It gives your readers all the information they need to know about what’s contained in your thesis paper. It covers your premise, your research goals, and your results in a short format that introduces to reader to your work.

If you’re wondering where to look for good dissertation executive summary templates, you can try looking at some of these resources:

  • - University websites often offer guides to writing executive summaries, both for academic dissertations, and for professional documents. Some also provide both good and subpar examples of summaries. This gives a good idea not only of what to do, but what not to do. You can look at your own university’s website, or at another college’s online resources.

  • - Ask your professor or advisor. They can give you advice if you’re not sure how to write and structure the paper’s summary.

Tips for Writing an Executive Summary

Here are some guidelines for writing a strong, effective summary:

  • Use a formal writing style. You should avoid excessive jargon, but don’t use an inappropriately informal writing style.
  • State the aim or purpose of your dissertation.
  • Describe your methodology. Especially for thesis papers in the hard sciences or social sciences be sure to elaborate on your methods and techniques.
  • Provide concise, complete, and specific information.
  • Provide the results of your study.
  • Give an overview that allows the reader to understand what your dissertation is about.
  • Provide at least one sentence for each section of the report.
  • Don’t recycle sentences or paragraphs verbatim from the actual paper.
  • In terms of word count, the paper’s summary should be approximately 10% of the total length of your thesis paper.
  • Place the summary at the beginning of your paper, before the Table of Contents.

These are some useful things to consider for a good dissertation executive summary template.