15 Fresh Ideas For Dissertation Topics On Nazi Germany

When you are focused on writing your dissertation on Nazi Germany there many things that you should consider but of course coming up with a fresh idea for your topic is one of the most important things. When you need fresh ideas for dissertation topics on Nazi Germany consider the following 15 ideas:

  1. The first thing you might write about are the special breeding and nursery programs designed by Himmler for the master race

  2. You can review the methods through which SS leaders and top ranking officials were sent her way out the Northern European states and Russia together children who had blond hair and blue eyes with specific facial features. Discuss the ways in which these children were literally swept off the streets and taken from their homes only to be taught German and given falsified documentation

  3. Write About whether the hunt for Nazis in Germany and the steps taken by many international organizations to track them down is no longer worth the time and money it is taking. At what point should the searches be stopped?

  4. Discuss the current hunt for remaining Nazi officials and the steps being taken by Israel as well as governmental organizations to track down and put on trial those who committed crimes

  5. Review the different methods of prosecution that have followed countries where war takes place. Some countries choose to prosecute those soldiers at the bottom ranks who were responsible for following through with heinous orders from their officials while others choose to prosecute only the top officials who gave the original orders. Discussed the pros and cons to both and which has been used most effectively throughout other countries

  6. Discuss the ethical dilemmas facing people who are attempting to prosecute Nazi officials today paying particular attention to the idea that the war criminals being tried today are far too old and sick to be cognizant of what is happening and therefore should not have to stand trial

  7. Write about the popularity of the Nuremberg trials paying particular attention to Pres. Set by the international courts of prosecuting the top-tier officials rather than prosecuting the men responsible for committing war crimes personally. Pay particular attention to the countries which have followed these examples and those which have not

  8. Review the methods through which trials are taking place today paying particular attention to the cases where children's books which explain the difference World War II uniforms and paraphernalia are being used as evidence to differentiate between the soldiers responsible for different crimes

  9. Review the euthanasia in Germany

  10. Write about the countries who willingly accepted were criminals and to this day have not caved under the pressure of international requests for extradition. Discuss whether they should receive some form of punishment for this or whether the issue seems to no longer matter

  11. Review the decimation of the mentally handicapped in Germany

  12. write about Hitler himself

  13. Pick one top ranking official and Write about him

  14. Do the role played by women

  15. Pick one event of historical importance and evaluate it