How To Craft A Dissertation Abstract In The APA Format

If you are in the process of writing a dissertation, then you definitely know that there are different styles and formats that are used in academic writing. Each of them is known for its requirements that should be observed if you have chosen this format for your project. Why is it so important? Academic papers, like research projects, dissertations, term papers, and even essays are complicated works that require a lot of time, effort, and devotion. They are scientific projects, and science requires order in everything. If you want to show, and prove, that you are a true professional who can handle researching and formatting equally well, you need to keep in mind all the demands of a certain format.

Of course, no student or post-graduate can keep in mind all the minute details that require attention in accordance to the format demands. That’s why, you should practice using special guides and manuals that explain how a project in each style should be formatted. These manuals are easy to find on the Internet and in libraries. They contain samples of pages that can cause problems for students. Using such manuals, you can easily handle all the writing.

Besides that, there are entire websites and separate web pages or even articles dedicated to the way certain parts of academic papers or entire projects should be written. For example, below you will find several useful instructions on how a dissertation abstract should be written and formatted in accordance to the APA style.

  • Start a new page that already contains a running head. The running head (or the page header) is the title of your work that is typed at the top of the page using header flush left. Use all capital letters. The number of the page, which is also located at the top of the page, should be inserted using the header flush right. If the title of your work is longer than 50 characters, create a shortened version that will be used as the running head.
  • The first line of the page should consist of the word ABSTRACT without any quotation marks, bold type, italics, or underlining.
  • Move on to the next line and compose a short resume of the key points of your research without any indentation. Make sure that the abstract contains the topic of your research, its questions, participants, results, conclusions, analysis of the data, and methods that you have used.
  • Remember to give a list of your keywords.