5 Tricks That Helped Me Write The Best Research Paper In My Class

Winners or toppers always believe in doing their best. They follow all the tips and tricks that can offer wonderful results.

If you are a college student and are looking for best practices following tricks can prove to be magical-

  1. Topic section is highly important: Pick the topic meticulously. If your topic is not interesting and challenging, research will lose its gravity right from the beginning. No matter how much matter you collect innumerable resources you refer to and plenty of time you spend, the result will never be full-fledged. Think as to how much population your topic will target and how riveting it is to keep your audience engaged. Apart from that your attitude and the level of endeavors to choose the topic are the other deciding factors.
  2. Refer reliable sources: URLs, almanacs, online encyclopedias, etc are a good way to make you go a long way in your writing. These provide informative content in abundance. Have a look at the website address that has .edu, .org or .net as their web link. The links are of nonprofit and government organizations that promise for the authenticity of the information. Remember, not all websites are trustworthy; many are used for commercial purposes and aim to sell their services or products.
  3. You can have a look at the print materials available in the library. They are available in the form of Almanacs, Atlases, AV Catalogs, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Magazines, Newspapers, Vertical files, Yellow pages and Telephone directories, etc. Also have a look at online reference materials like databases, online periodicals and subject-specific software.

  4. Prepare a tentative outline: The outline should be prepared in Roman numerals. Its topics and subtopics not necessarily have to be written in Roman numerals. The chief points are -
    • Introduction
    • Body
    • Conclusion

    The aim of outline is to organize the thoughts carefully and go with the logical flow of thoughts without missing anything substantial.

  5. Write your first draft and then the second one: Critically analyze all the collected data and then summarize, paraphrase and write direct quotes. Write the summaries, quotations or paraphrases on separate note cards and then arrange them in order. Write meaningful file names in your word processor and mark them with the symbol ‘#’ This would help you to make edits later on easily. You can easily locate the information. Delete the symbols after you have made the edits.
  6. Do not miss the revision: It acts as the lifeline of any research paper. Your paper will lose its charm if revision is missing. It will highlight many errors thereby changing the meaning of many sentences. That's why using dissertation editing services is strongly advisable if you wan to submit a brilliant research paper, free of any grammatical or spelling errors.