A List Of The Most Interesting Dissertation Topics On Education

High school teachers want to get graduate degrees. They recognize the importance these pieces of paper have for their careers, and how pay raises and tenure can be some of the rewards. Right in the middle of the road to the graduate degree is the dissertation. A student has to have an interesting topic to write about. Something that is dry and dull is not going to attract much interest. There are number of possibilities for titles in education. Here are a few.

  1. Good nutrition and its effect on learning;
  2. Developing good memory skills and its impact on success in science subjects
  3. How competitive sports affect learning of certain subjects;
  4. How high school education makes an impression on decisions made later in life;
  5. How competition can have a positive impact on education;
  6. Teachers as role models in careers besides education;
  7. How critical analysis essays help make freshmen better writers;
  8. The use of computer graphics in developing creative skills of students;
  9. Sounds of silence and how it impacts knowledge retention;
  10. Do self-esteem programs really produce positive attitudes?

A key point to remember is a dissertation topic has to expand on the knowledge already in existence. An education graduate student must not just reiterate what is already been discovered. It also helps if the original question is something more than a yes or no response. Doing the research and the work involved in writing a dissertation can be extremely helpful for any career. You can open up opportunities that may be beyond the classroom itself. Curriculum development and various administrative positions may become available because of the knowledge you have gained in writing that detailed content. You would grow in the education profession as well as acquire new skills.

Education has become increasingly more as intellectual skills place manual labor in the workforce. The graduate work a person embarks can open up new areas of learning and knowledge expiration. These are reasons why taking a look at the top can be very important activity. Selection should also be based on sufficient available research and the right methodology. This all means that the selection is not going to be easy nor should it be. A good idea is to have several topics under consideration. In this way if there is not sufficient research available for one title, another one may be able to be used in place.