A List Of Impressive Ideas For Sociology Dissertations

A sociology course can be very exciting and engaging for a student, especially if you are passionate about psychology. It applies the same principles from psychology but to groups, not individuals. A dissertation on this topic can be very informative if you do your research right. A significant advantage is that it offers you so many opportunities to perform your own experiments and to bring authentic results. With these ideas, you will certainly impress your professor:

  • Ethnic groups in a foreign society. In Europe, it is common to find small communities where people of other nationality or religion live. Some of these communities usually get adapted to the culture of the society, willingly or not. It can be a very painful process of adjusting, and they feel that they need to give up their morals and way of life and exchange them for foreign ones.

  • The structure of groups. Each group, even if we are talking about some friends or a company, has a particular structure that it is formed on. Even if they are aware or not, each member has a specific role and almost always there is a leader. In official groups like school, these positions are well-known by everyone while in colloquial groups they don’t realize it.

  • Discrimination. There are very complicated issues that make a person discriminate others based on gender, religion or skin color. Most of the time, this comes from a feeling of frustration rather than hate.

  • The influence of friends over a teenager. It is well-known that for teenagers, their friends are more important than family. This is because they accept them in their rebellion, while worried parents usually try to control them in a precise manner.

  • The public response. There are many studies that show that when many people are present at the scene of an accident, none of them will call the ambulance. This is because they assume that somebody else already did it, or someone else will do it. They do not feel any responsibility, and it will take a long time before they realize that nobody actually called the authorities. By educating the public on this matter, you can prevent future disasters.

  • Cultural norms. Each culture or society has its own, unwritten rules. Beyond laws, there are some principles that each member of the community adopted, and it can take years before everyone will completely accept a new habit.