Inventing Brilliant Public Administration Dissertation Ideas

The study of public administration is always a relevant and interesting field to research. If you want to come up with a brilliant topic idea for your dissertation, make use of the following helpful resources:

  • - Your teacher. He or she will always be glad to offer a couple of great ideas that are worth further research.

  • - Your friends, acquaintances, and relatives. All the people in your daily life can prompt you on recent news in government policy and policy implementations in your area. The obtained information will push you towards your particular dissertation idea.

  • - Online and offline news articles, radio, and TV. These are great sources of information, and you will definitely find a specific topic to cover in your paper.

If your chosen idea is too broad, narrow it down; tailor it to some geographical area or time span. Conduct some preliminary research and consult with your advisor to get a properly formulated dissertation topic. Here is a list of public administration dissertation ideas to help you invent your peculiar topic:

  • - Making decisions on how to allocate discretionary budgets: methods of involving public members in the process. Research modern workable methods. How can different sectors of society be engaged in monitoring the issue?

  • - Central and local government: research on changes in relations. Take any time span and follow the historic development of changes with regards to economic and political situations.

  • - The role of online services in increasing citizens’ knowledge of the policies of local governments. Review existing services and assess their work in your dissertation.

  • - Bus-travel subsidies for pensioners: a comparative study of current schemes and budgeting in the US and UK.

  • - Parking management and regulations: government strategies. How can the members of representative sections of society be involved in the cooperative dialogue with the government members on the issue of organizing and funding parking lots in town centers?

  • - Family violence: the influence of public policy on the issue.

  • - Development of modern public administration systems in the US. Early systems versus modern systems. Fighting with the government bureaucracy. How can personnel in the government institutions of your country be reduced?

  • - E-government services in developing countries. Explore the methods of implementation and look for the possible examples of such services in local governments of developing countries. How effective are they?

  • - The role of IT outsourcing in the effectiveness of public management. Does the effectiveness of public organizations depend on the quality of IT outsourcing in the state and local governments?