8 Suggestions On Writing A College Thesis Statement On Social Networking

Students often write various academic papers during their studies. The most important part of any paper is its thesis statement. This is a sentence that reflects the purpose of your whole paper. When writing papers on social networking, you should compose your statement clearly or use a thesis generator for help. Here are some helpful suggestions on this matter.

  1. Narrow your topic.
  2. To make a decent thesis statement, you should have a proper topic first. It’s not enough to write just about social networking. Your topic should present some problem that needs to be solved or at least reviewed.

  3. Indicate the significance of your topic.
  4. A good statement should not only describe your topic, but also convey its importance to your readers. The people who will read your paper should realize why your topic is significant.

  5. Tell readers what to expect from your paper.
  6. After reading your statement, readers should clearly understand what to expect from the contents of your paper. Briefly mention your goal and methods for achieve it.

  7. Make a claim that might be disputable.
  8. A good thesis statement is a controversial one. You won’t be able to persuade everyone with your work, but your statement should be composed in such a way that people could raise both arguments and counterarguments on this matter.

  9. Make your statement provable.
  10. Don’t make statements that cannot be proved by evidence. Even if you think that your idea is absolutely right, there won’t be any point in writing a research paper if you cannot support your ideas with proof.

  11. Mention your supporting arguments.
  12. You may refer to the arguments that you’re going to use in your paper to support your statement. This will help to direct the attention of readers to your topic and make them want to continue reading your paper.

  13. Be ready to change your statement.
  14. Sometimes, when you’re in the process of writing your paper, its direction may in some way. If this happens, you should rewrite your thesis statement too, because it’s necessary to maintain a connection between your statement and the contents of the work.

  15. Write your statement in a single sentence.
  16. It’s advisable to make your statement short and clear. Don’t make it so long that your readers get confused. Your statement on social networking topic might look something like this: While providing us with interesting information, communication with friends and entertainment, social networks are also becoming instruments for “big brothers” who want to keep track of people.