Basic Tips On How To Write A Dissertation Prospectus In The Humanities

Writing a dissertation is no easy job. Apart from the intense research you will also have to dedicate your time in sorting out the various smaller details. There too many stuffs that you have to take care of in order to make the paper perfect. This will require patience and a thorough knowledge in the format of the project. If you are a student of humanities then writing a prospectus is the basic part of the structure and you will have to do it effortlessly. Since you will have to present it in front of audience it is better that you do a lot of research as there will be questions from the listeners.

Here are some basic format tips that will help you in writing your prospectus:

  • Start with the statement of thesis. This is where you will discuss the problem that you have studied through your paper or the issue that you have explored through your work. You will have to be concise but also speak about the significance of the topic i.e. why exactly you choose the topic. You will also have to highlight your personal viewpoint regarding the issue and how you think it can be resolved or tackled.
  • Next write the context of the topic in relation to earlier research. Here you will have to elaborate briefly on all past works that may have been done on the topic you have chosen. You do not have to criticize any scholar who might have failed in their research on the same issue. Rather you must highlight how the research proved the limitation of the method and how it has helped you in developing a better approach.
  • Once you have discussed the past works done on the issue move onto the theory and what methods you used. Discuss some of the theories that have been developed in the field and then how these theories defined the approach you have made. You do not have to engage with these theories or perceptions but merely state how they have inspired your method in simple terms.
  • If you have interviewed a subject or conducted any experiments mention hem here. You will have to acknowledge the source of all your information and cite authentic resources. Without proper citation you will not get recognition and your work may even be called plagiarized. You must include in your bibliography any unpublished work that may have helped you.