The Basic Do's And Don'ts Of Writing A Dissertation Introduction

Composing a dissertation introduction is one of the most defining moments in the writing process. The introduction has an impact on your entire paper. It should therefore be approached with the seriousness it deserves. The introduction plays the following role in any paper.

  • It gives a background to your study
  • It points at the angle or perspective that will be adopted throughout the paper
  • The introduction gives your position on the issue
  • It gives the boundaries or limitations that will guide your research and presentation

With the above in mind, it is easier to determine what is to be done at the introduction and what is to be avoided.

Do’s for a dissertation introduction

  • Make it catchy- the introduction contains your initial remarks on the topic. It should therefore contain the most interesting and captivating remarks that will leave an impression in the mind of the reader. The remarks should motivate the reader to peruse through the entire document.
  • Be precise- the introduction sets clear boundaries that are to be followed throughout the paper. Avoid excessive generalization that does not give an indication of your position on the matter. Being too specific on the other hand limits the materials you can use to support your topic.
  • Include your thesis statement- this is a declaration of your position on the topic. It gives the reader a hint of what to expect in the entire paper. It should be stated in the clearest terms possible.
  • Keep it short- you have an entire paper to expound on your points. The introduction only serves to provide a hint of what you are engaged in. It should give an overview and not the specific details of your topic.

What to avoid in a dissertation introduction

  • A long introduction- the introduction serves to give the reader an idea of what to expect. It serves as an appetizer and not the real paper. Your strong points will be argued in the body of you paper and not in the introduction.
  • Go off topic- remain within the topic in terms of the ideas you present. The hook you provide should be relevant. This means that your introduction should be closely related to your topic.

To write a good introduction for your dissertation, it is advisable that you complete the body first. This gives you an idea of the points to capture in your introduction. An attractive introduction will generate interest in the rest of the paper.