20 Original PhD Dissertation Topics You Can Use for Your Project 

When you have decided to commit yourself to a project and write a dissertation assignment, the very first challenge you face is choosing an appropriate theme. This problem usually has two aspects: first, it has to correspond to what you are really interested in; second, for you to get high grades, your thesis topic has to be specific and original. For most subjects you can find a certain feature to research or a specific innovative method to approach well-known phenomena.

If you still have troubles discovering what inspires and interests you in the given field, it is always a good idea to ask your classmates or colleagues what they have chosen for their projects. This may give you an idea of what is required by your university. Then, you can ask people, successfully working in the desired industry, what they did for their researches, which aspects they focused on, what they find appealing about their current job, or what challenges they face daily. However, even when you have found out what interests you, there is still the second aspect of every thesis topic – originality. If you need some examples on how unique research ideas sound, check this list:

  1. Do women get sexually harassed more often than men?
  2. Indus dolphin: a study of extremely endangered species.
  3. Can a company image be destroyed by its employee’s public behavior?
  4. Discounts and long-term benefits: predicting your clients’ reaction.
  5. How to protect yourself from deceitful business partners.
  6. Saviour siblings: a blessing or a curse?
  7. Do parental eating habits cause children adiposity at an early age?
  8. Cancer testing methods: how many are there and which ones are effective?
  9. Pigeons races in North East England and the difficulties they face.
  10. Does a brain power inducing diet exist?
  11. Can asexuality lead to obesity?
  12. Can computers fully replace teachers in the educational system of today?
  13. Internet abuse: a myth or a fact.
  14. Innovative teaching methods: from class-oriented to student-oriented era.
  15. Do handicapped people have all the possibilities that people with good health enjoy?
  16. Ice skating: a study of injury types.
  17. Alcohol: how to put it to a good use, while minimizing its harmful effect.
  18. Impotence in Africa: a veiled problem of male population.
  19. Finding out about sex: do parents hold the exclusive right to decide if their kids should enroll in a special course?
  20. How can we prevent school bullying of children with special needs?