An Effective Method to Find Physical Geography Dissertation Examples

The science of physical geography covers a lot of aspects that may be interesting to research in your dissertation. It includes the study of atmosphere and meteorology, soils and their formation, water, environmental issues, etc. If you had already chosen a topic and conducted some preliminary research on the issue, you might want to look through the good dissertation examples to bring your writing onto a right track. You will be able to borrow structure and style from the proper samples, get to know methodology, and even come across useful reference materials on the subject that, for some reason, you had no idea about.

It is not that easy to find the examples of academic papers specifically in physical geography. Theoretically, you may find good samples in the following sources:

Your school library.

Look through the available papers by university graduates. However, there is no guarantee that you’ll find a dissertation in physical geography, let alone on your specific topic.

Your advisor.

He or she may give you an appropriate copy if asked. It will be only one paper though, and the subject matter is likely to be different.

Professional writing services.

You should pay to download the samples available on their websites.

Nowadays, all the recent proofread doctoral dissertations and theses can be found in digital libraries and online databases. Well-organized search in these resources is, perhaps, the most effective method to find good examples of different academic writing on any subject and topic. The databases can be accessed through educational or university websites, and this should not necessarily be the site of your university. As a matter of fact, you will manage to obtain academic papers by the graduates from different universities.

The search in these resources usually has the following common features:

Subject search.

Type “physical geography dissertation” in a search box. Or, narrow down your search and mention the area of your interest as well. For example, your query may look like the following: “physical geography dissertation on climatology (hydrology, meteorology, pedology, environmental management, etc.)”

Author search.

If you know that some graduate successfully completed and defended doctoral paper on the topic of your interest, use the option of author search. You may also specify the university and department to be effective. Use the proper abbreviations. For example, your query may look like “Author: New York State University Dept. of Geography.”

You are likely to find great physical geography dissertation examples when browsing digital libraries and online databases. Be sure to properly reference the author if you decide to borrow some ideas.