Composing An Eye-Catching Dissertation Paper Introduction: Tips & Tricks

When you are tasked with writing your dissertation the introduction is one of the most important part because it is what your reader sees first. The introduction needs to be eye-catching in order to convince your readers to continue with the rest of your writing assignments. If your introduction does not catch the attention of the reader they may not continue and all of your hard work will be for nothing.

The introduction is a place where you present to the readers a road that shows them where they will stop along the path of your paper. The dissertation paper is a long piece of writing and your readers need to know what they can expect to see. They should not drive down the road of your body paragraphs without any direction.

When you need to craft something which is eye-catching follow the tips below:

  • Make sure your introduction is roughly 10% in length of the total length of your finished work. If you have 20 pages for your total length then you want to have roughly 2 pages for the introduction.
  • You might consider opening with a startling fact or statistic. Having something that is shocking will show the audience why your particular assignment is important and why the contributions you are making should be considered.
  • You should create this part of the assignment last. The reason for this is that you must cover a short summary or outline so to speak for each area of your final assignment. And if you try to write the introduction before you have finished any of the body chapters you will find it very difficult to convey to the reader what is contained in the body chapters because you have yet to write it. If you wait until you finish the rest of the content you will have everything in place and you'll know exactly what it is you have to cover.
  • Your opening should include everything the reader needs to know what is contained within the body which means they need to see one sentence for every chapter or section of the overall assignment. If you have five key chapters then you should have roughly 5 key sentences or five key areas within the introduction dedicated to all of the chapters.
  • Overall, make sure that the reader is engaged and that they understand the purpose of your assignment.