A List Of Interesting Dissertation Topics For Law Students

Choosing an interesting topic for your law dissertation is extremely important, as you will be able to impress people who read your CV with only the name of the paper. This is why it’s imperative to pick something related to the field of law you want to specialize in.

Here are a few prompts you can use in case you are at a loss for ideas:

  1. The role of nations in international terrorism.
  2. How do the legal policies of different countries affect the development of terrorist groups? What policies and laws can deter this kind of activity most efficiently? Is it possible to truly get rid of terrorism within one particular country by introducing stricter legal punishments?

  3. Consent issue in rape cases.
  4. Analyze the laws of the region you wish to focus on in order to define the terms of “consent” and “rape.” Offer your ideas on how to modify them or how to use them to the victim’s best advantage.

  5. Is defending criminals the right thing to do?
  6. This is a dissertation about morals, so it will be highly personal. It is your job to come up with arguments that will not be prejudiced in any way. Try to base your paper only on logic and sound reasoning.

  7. Analyzing the cost of an injury.
  8. Many lawyers have to do this in their practices, so in this paper, you will need to explain the process of analysis in great detail. Offer various assessment strategies for different circumstances.

  9. How to prove discrimination at the workplace.
  10. This is a tricky issue that is very common nowadays. You should offer strategies for both the victim and the company. Understanding the moves of the opposing parties will make you a better lawyer, regardless of which side hires you in the future.

  11. Wills and division of assets.
  12. Focus on studying difficult cases related to these issues, and offer your own strategies on how to solve them more efficiently.

  13. Intellectual property and the Internet.
  14. Offer your ideas on how to protect the client’s intellectual property rights online. Is it possible to prove the original author’s claims about the idea after it is spread all over the Internet?

  15. Charitable trusts management.
  16. Explain how to set up a charity trust, and ensure that all of its financial operations are transparent and the funds are managed in the most efficient manner.

  17. The rights of caregivers for inheritances.
  18. Is it possible for a caregiver to claim any part of the inheritance ahead of blood-related family?

  19. Medical error cases: A close study.
  20. Analyze the most prominent cases and explain if it was possible to achieve any other outcomes.