A List Of The Most Impressive Culture Dissertation Ideas

Culture is a broad subject to study, so students have to choose among dozens of different dissertation topics. Usually, supervisors provide sample lists of topic ideas, but if you have an open-ended assignment, you can come up with your own impressive idea to work on. The following list of great culture dissertation ideas is designed to get you inspired:

  1. The rate of suicide among women in the U.S., Brazil, and Malaysia: a comparison study.
  2. Find out what the rates of suicide among women in these countries are, compare them, and find out why they differ focusing on cultural differences.

  3. Why advertisement policy doesn’t work the same way in different countries: a case study of an international company.
  4. Select an international company, examine how its marketing campaign pays respect to cultural similarities and differences, and conclude how it’s possible to make advertisement policy more effective.

  5. Making education accessible to everyone: a role of elite universities.
  6. Prepare a list of elite universities in your country, analyze why they are considered elite, and why the society is divided into those who can and can’t be enrolled in these universities.

  7. The portrayal of disabled children: a cultural approach.
  8. Explain why it’s important to introduce children to issues of equality by using art, what art means can be used considering traditions typical for the community, and how to measure their effectiveness.

  9. The relationship between ‘one child policy’ and the rise of pet ownership in China.
  10. Write about how this policy affected conservative Chinese society, why the pets were disapproved as food, and how well pets help people to alleviate stress becoming new family members.

  11. Increasing the number of women in engineering: a step towards social equity.
  12. Examine why traditionally there’re less women in engineering than men, explain why the situation is changing, and consider whether it’s possible that women will hold more positions in engineering than men in the nearest future.

  13. Making disabled people an integral part of a progressive society: a Marxist approach.
  14. Describe the key points of the Marxist approach to greater inclusivity for disabled, examine whether it’s effective, and make a conclusion.

  15. Cosmetic surgery: differences in social acceptance in the U.S. and France.
  16. Find and present the data on rates of cosmetic procedures in these countries, determine the most popular procedures, and describe why the differences take place.

  17. Acts of violence committed by teenagers: a response to social frustration.
  18. Provide evidence that acts of violence committed by teenagers in the U.S. and Western Europe are increasing, determine the reasons for teenagers becoming more involved in violence, and provide potential solutions.