A List Of Excellent Music Education Dissertation Ideas

Music education is a captivating subject with many excellent topics for dissertations. If you choose one that really interests, you will find that you enjoy writing it, and it will seem less of a chore. Here is a list of excellent music education dissertation topics to help you get started.

The early history of music education in the United States of America

Music education has a long history in the United States, one that dates back to the 18thcentury, so this topic should provide much information for you to discuss.

Compare the styles of two influential music educators

There are a number of music educators who were, or still are, very influential in the field. You can choose two who have very different styles and compare them for your dissertation.

Integrating music education with other subjects to improve learning

You can explain and evaluate the belief that integrating music education with other subjects may improve students’ learning.

Emile Jaques-Dalcroze and Dalcroze eurhythmics

Emile Jaques-Dalcroze developed Dalcroze eurhythmics to help teach music to students. You can discus how he developed this method and what it entails.

Compare the methods employed by two music education methods

There are a number of international music education approaches, and you can choose two and compare and contrast their methods of teaching music.

The origin of popular music pedagogy

Popular music pedagogy involves teaching students about popular music as part of music education. You can explain its origin in your dissertation.

How the ILAM Music Heritage Project uses Western methods to teach African music

You can explain how the South African ILAM Music Heritage Project teaches students African music by using Western methods.

The reasoning behind the Manhattanville Music Curriculum Project

The Manhattanville Music Curriculum Project is a child-centred music education curriculum, and you can discuss the rationale behind its development.

The basis of Indian classical music

Discuss the basis of Indian classical music and how it is incorporated into music education in India.

Audiation and the Gordon Music Learning Theory

Audiation is considered vital to the Gordon Music Learning Theory, and you can explain what audition entails and how it is used in the Gordon Music Learning Theory to teach students music.

The different methods of assessment used in music education

There are a number of different assessment methods used in music education, and you can list and discuss these for your dissertation.

Hopefully this list of excellent ideas for your music education dissertation will whet your appetite for writing, and help you write an outstanding paper.