Coming Up With The Most Interesting Thesis Topics In Psychology

Do you think it is difficult to choose a winning topic for your thesis? Do you want to impress your professors with a unique and interesting topic? Do you want to write about your passions in psychology? Do you think you can choose a unique topic if you brainstorm in the right direction? Do you want to save your time because you have not even chosen a topic yet? Are you worried because your friends have already started the writing process? Do you worry whether the teacher will approve of your ideas or not? Do you want to tackle your thesis assignment with much trouble?

Break it down

It is definitely challenging to choose a unique and interesting topic for psychology if you are new to the assignment type or the subject. You can start by dividing your task into easy divisions. This will help you save time and find out your direction. The best way is to understand the scope of your paper and the subject at concern. You can divide your subject into major divisions and further sub division to find your interest. Choose the area that keeps you motivated and carry out background research. You will find a niche when you look carefully and you can then address it. You can break down psychology into developmental psychology, therapy, sex and psychological factors, parenting, relationships, work and stress, anger management, addiction and other sections. You can use the area you like the most to address in your thesis.


You may not have a perfect topic in the first attempt. The best way to come up with most interesting topics is to take a pen and paper, write down your road map, and highlight your focus. Look at this paper for two minutes and close your eyes. Free your mind of anything else and start thinking of ideas relevant to your focus. One idea will trigger another and you will have an effective brainstorming. Make sure you do not cut yourself in between the thought process or have any distractions. You should list down all these ideas whether relevant or not on your paper. You can edit these ideas in the later stage.


The last thing you have to do is to filter out your list of idea generation from the brainstorming process. When you eliminate irrelevant, invalid, unoriginal, and redundant ideas, you will have a good final topic.