Where to Find a Free MBA Dissertation Sample Quickly

Writing an MBA dissertation can be hard enough. So why does finding an MBA paper sample have to be as well? But thanks to the power of the Internet, finding a dissertation sample is easier than ever. What matters is finding the right place to look.

A Dissertation Database

One of the best (and easiest ways) to find an effective sample to fit your needs is to search through a database. Websites such as Proquest.com can help connect you with thousands of theses and dissertations out there. While Proquest in particular does require you to opt into a membership plan, you can request a free trial, which can be all you need to find one that will fit your needs.

You may even consider giving Stanford a shot. Stanford also offers an extensive database full of dissertation samples. Most of these samples will have had to be published after 2009, as that’s when they began publishing these papers in an electronic format. SearchWorks is the main database that Stanford uses, as well as services like Proquest and OCLC Worldcat.

Also consider the Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations, which features over a million records of theses and dissertations dating back from the early 1900s to present day.

A Writing Mill

While we don’t recommend ever purchasing any form of essay online, many writing companies do feature samples on their website, which can provide you with a valuable perspective on how to write your paper.

University Websites

A number of universities and colleges feature samples of previous papers written by students past and present. For example, the University of Bath features a number of such samples. You may need to be a student or faculty member of the university in question in order to access their resources but if you are, it’s a valuable way to view hundreds of samples quickly and easily. Viewing a sample, especially one from your own university, is a valuable way to gain perspective on what your professors will expect from you when it comes time to draft and write your own MBA paper.

Whether you’re viewing an extensive database or taking advantage of free samples posted on various websites online, it’s easier than ever to find free samples quickly and without pain or stress.