Compelling Legal History Dissertation Topics To Write About

Like every historical subject, legal history is full of controversial and topical issues that are perfect for studying in a dissertation. As many topics related to the legislation are tightly connected with each other it may be hard to see the limits and the exact direction of your research. In this case, you may study the existing ideas on the subject in order to organize your thoughts and develop your own strong thesis.

Top 10 Catchy Ideas for Your Dissertation Topic on Legal History

  1. The main challenges American diplomacy has faced in the XXI century.
  2. The history of the US Constitution: milestones and achievements.
  3. Turning points in the history of the Federal Judiciary.
  4. The most effective methods and strategies in academic historical legal research.
  5. A comparative analysis of the legislative history of different states.
  6. A role of George Washington in the establishment of the US court system.
  7. The US criminal law reform of the XXI century and its main consequences.
  8. Key changes that Internet technologies have brought to the contemporary American legislative system.
  9. The history of a dual-court system in the US.
  10. Advantages and flaws of the development of American property legislation during the past two decades.

Main Features of a Good Dissertation Topic

Although a dissertation is one of the largest types of academic paper, a winning topic should be specific and exact enough. It’s always better to present a comprehensive study of a narrow issue than try to briefly cover a broader one. The more specific your topic is the more chances you get to perform a really useful survey on it. In addition to being manageable, an effective topic should allow you developing a powerful thesis. All historical issues are often evaluated by the experts with totally different opinions. You should understand your own position from the very beginning, clearly present it both in your topic and your thesis statement, and support it with the enough amount of reliable evidence in the text.

However, a meaningful formulation is not all. Your topic should also sound catchy to make your potential audience willing to read further. Try to avoid complicated expressions, phrases, and special terms when formulating a topic. The more simple and clear language you will use the wider circle of readers you will get.

Of course, your topic must sound completely original excluding any possibility of plagiarism. Moreover, people are more interested in reading some new information presented from a fresh perspective instead of learning someone’s opinion on a notorious issue.